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“Letters from the front” is a multimedia project based on the correspondence of Bernardino “Dino” Ferrero gunner of the Italian army, from 11 March 1940, three months before the declaration of war on France, until the end of the Second World War.

The project is intended first of all to young people and more generally to anyone who wants to join it for free: families of former military internees, schools of all levels, history lovers, Municipalities and companies mentioned in the letters, cultural associations, more generally people interested or even just intrigued by the possibility of continuously receiving correspondence from the past.

The documentation includes about 150 letters and postcards sent from Italy, France, Albania, Greece and Germany; a hundred photographs; military documents (certificates, honors, matriculation sheet, cards, etc.); some newspapers of the time; three letters from prison camps in Germany, first as an IMI and then as a prisoner in a KZ camp.

Timing: the letters and photographs (in addition to the link to the newspapers of the time) will be published on the website “Lettere dal Fronte”, or sent by e-mail (see bottom of page) to those who request them, starting from 11 March 2020, exactly 80 years after Italy entered the war. The sending may concern the scan of the original and / or the faithful transcription and / or the audio file (if it is possible to carry out this last form of disclosure).

In the letters many places, people and events of the time are mentioned: 98 people (some famous as actors, politicians or sportsmen), 119 places (cities, towns, streets, monuments), 15 military corps, 5 different newspapers, 17 films, 6 songs, 24 trademarks. A request for patronage was made to the many municipalities mentioned, both Italian and foreign.

The letters will gradually constitute a real war diary at the end of the work.

Everything will also be poured on the main social media and on a dedicated chat in WhatsApp which can be accessed simply by adding a dedicated telephone number to your contact list. The messages will be sent in broadcast mode, so no subscriber will be able to see the contacts of others.

Costs for those who join the project: NONE.

The whole project is non-profit and the costs are entirely borne by the author.

Those who join the project are only asked to advertise it to their contacts, to facilitate its dissemination since there are no advertising costs and instead rely on the strength of word of mouth.

Enjoy the reading.